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Music Production Portfolio

Welcome to the official Music Producer Portfolio of Morgan Fraser Jones. Where the organic meets the weird and otherworldly meets sincerity.



Initially a prolific songwriter on the Brighton band circuit, I spent my early teens gigging around Brighton several times a month up until my early twenties. It was within this time period I discovered sound engineering. Desperate to learn more in a hands on environment, I began an internship at Third Circle Recordings. It was here that my love for naturalistic and powerful recordings was fully realised. Shadowing under head engineer James Gasson, I gained a thorough understanding of techniques required to capture raw performances and allow production techniques to embellish on this rather than undermine. Years of dedication allowed me to rise through the ranks and become assistant engineer, whereby recording and mixing duties became commonplace. My versatile musical upbringing - Hardcore, Indie Rock, Folk, Electronic - allows me to be open minded and adaptable to a wide range of musical situations, with the priority of capturing an organic performance and allowing it to shine. 

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